Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Maturity vs. Keeping it to Yourself

Disclaimer-- I'm PMSing. I'm moody, and anyone that so much as looked at me the wrong way today was getting it. I mean if looks could kill, I'm like Medusa today. Does that even make sense? Whatever. Go with it. Or else...

So today, when one of my lovely friends showed me this on instagram...

I KNEW that I had met this month's unlucky guy! Obviously, I commented. Which yeah, I guess makes me immature too but at least I can admit that :)

(xo is always the bitchiest thing I can thing to sign out with...thanks Gossip Girl)

Sooooooo sweet. I bet his mom is so proud. And then he screen shotted his er--clever? responses and posted them for all of instagram to see. Wisely leaving my comments out because that just would have been embarrassing for him.

So, I've got good news and bad news for you LITTLE BOY. Good news is you think you won by posting your comments back to me. Bad news for you is that I run a very successful blog AND we have mutual friends so I hope you see this.