Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mean Girls

Unfortunately, this isn't a post about the movie. Because seriously, who doesn't love it. How many times can I watch "Mean Girls" before I'm sick of it? The limit does not exist. Boom.

Anyways, today I want to talk about mental health. More specifically, my mental health as of late. I've been doing pretty well until a few days ago and this is just something I need to get off my chest. Not that this is any brilliant epiphany or new found knowledge, but, girls are mean. Girls are ruthless. And clearly, when girls are upset at another girl for something, they lash out, and they hit below the belt. (Luckily I don't have balls, but it still hurts).

On Super Bowl Sunday (after the Patriots lost, just adding insult to injury), a girl apparently said that I was, and I quote, "short, ugly, and fucked up with an eating disorder." Reading it the first time, I rolled my eyes. Ridiculous. (since when is being short bad? Plus I'm 5'3...on the shorter side of average for a girl!). Also, why do girls ALAWYS call other girls they don't like 'ugly'? Granted, that's her opinion and that's okay, I just wish girls would use new adjectives. Anyways, I didn't think much of it when I read it. I just thought, if those are the only bad things she can say about a person she has A) never met and B) never seen, that's cool.

The more I think about it though, the more it bothers me. And I know when girls are mean, you're supposed to 'be the bigger person' and keep your mouth shut, but I just can't. Because I know for me, I would NEVER prey on a person's insecurities like that, no matter how upset I was at them. The medical dictionary defines an eating disorder as:

 "A potentially life-threatening neurotic condition, such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia, usually seen in young women."

Would you ever make fun of someone that was schizophrenic? Bipolar? Depressed? Obsessive compulsive? Suicidal? God I hope not. So why an eating disorder? Eating disorders are not taken as seriously, which, if I remove myself from my situation, I can see why. If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me to "just eat", I'd probably be able to buy a baby tiger. But eating disorders are serious. And guys and girls, it is NEVER too late OR too early to get help for one. I feel sorry for the girl who said those things about me. & what's even worse, she didn't say them to me, she said them to someone who she knew I was with. Lovely. And maybe I'm no better for making a passive aggressive type post about it, but girls, come on. Stop being so mean. Don't prety on people's insecurities. Don't call anyone fat, ugly, stupid, etc. because for all you know, they could already be saying it to themselves all day long. You have no idea what another person is going through. Everyone is fighting some sort of battle. As cliche as it is, treat others the way you'd like to be treated. It's cliche because it's true. Now I'm rambling and it's not even Thursday yet.  If I was Taylor Swift I'd start singing that song, "Mean" but I'll just lip synch it in the mirror to myself later.  x

*Disclaimer- I wrote this on a 15 minute break from class, not my best work*

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  1. I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. You're such a strong person. I LOVE your blog & read it all the time. It's nice to know someone out there obsessed as much as I do:) Keep smiling<3
    xo, Lex